Many Overwatch 2 gamers try to determine the way to tremendous leap as Mercy in Overwatch 2 since Mercy gamers in Overwatch 1 would typically make use of an exploit that allowed the angelic assist hero to fly into the skies and keep away from hurt.

This tremendous leap maneuver was so fashionable that Blizzard added it as an official side of her mobility expertise in her Overwatch 2 equipment. It’s now a lot laborious to drag off for virtually anybody, together with soiled casuals.

The way to tremendous soar as Mercy in Overwatch 2?

Earlier than leaping on Mercy in a matchmade recreation, we advocate trying to determine how the tremendous soar works on the Follow Vary. The maneuver has been simplified as a way to perceive the way it works shortly. To make a brilliant leap, you should face an ally and fly in the direction of them utilizing your Guardian Angel ability.

In Overwatch 2, Mercy now has a brand new meter to the appropriate of her reticle. The extra you journey in a single Guardian Angel utilization, the quicker this meter fills up. If you do a brilliant leap, this meter shows how far you’ll launch.

How to super jump as Mercy in Overwatch 2

Mercy will rocket straight up into the air when you crouch whereas flying in the direction of a teammate by urgent CTRL on PC, Circle on PlayStation, or B on Xbox. You’ll merely glide previous them when you push soar earlier than you attain them. Mercy can also leap backward quick by holding again and clicking soar earlier than reaching the teammate.

In the event you use these three tremendous leap methods, Mercy can have way more mobility. Keep in mind the way it works, and also you’ll have the ability to keep on the sphere for for much longer to assist your comrades.

We hope our how-to tremendous leap as Mercy information kicks your fragging up a notch. Nonetheless, the sport is now suffering from server points on account of exterior assaults and inner insolence.

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