The Tor Browser

Obtain the Tor Browser & use Darkish Net

Its also called darkish browser or onion browser

About Tor Browser


Tor Browser makes use of the Tor neighborhood to defend your privateness and anonymity. There are two essential advantages to utilizing the Tor community:

Neither your web service supplier nor any native screens will be capable of view your connection and monitor your internet exercise, together with the names and addresses of internet sites you go to.

The operators of the web sites and providers you utilize, and anybody monitoring them, will see connections coming from the Tor community as an alternative of your Web IP handle, and will not know.

Moreover, Tor Browser is designed to stop web sites from gathering “fingerprints” or figuring out you based mostly in your browser configuration.

By default, it doesn’t preserve any searching historical past. Cookies are solely legitimate inside a single session tab (till Tor Browser exits or a brand new id is requested).

How Tor Works

Tor is a community of digital channels that permit you to enhance your privateness and safety on the Web. Tor sends your site visitors by three random servers (additionally known as nodes) throughout the Tor community. The final relay within the hyperlink, the “exit node”, sends site visitors to the general public web.

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